LG to launch 12.1-inch laptop 'XNOTE E200 Series'

SEOUL, Korea LG Electronics launched its 12.1-inch laptop ‘XNOTE E200 Series’, which adopted Intel Core 2 Duo processor and hybrid HDD supporting improved program running and booting speed. The XNOTE E200 contains 1GB memory, 120GB hard disk(hybrid 256MB), ATI Radeon X1250, 1.3M Smart Cam, three USB ports and HDMI port.

LG has announced its latest series of laptop, called the XNOTE E200 notebook. The laptop is targeted towards the young generation.

The E200-series sports a 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of memory, 1.3 megapixel webcam, super multi-drive DVD, and HDMI-out standard while being one of the first batch of laptops to pack a 120GB hybrid hard disk (HHD) with 256MB of flash. This 3.96-pound, WXGA laptop hits for ₩1,400,000 or about $1,500.

The new notebook PC provides hybrid Hard disk drive that delivers enhanced program running and booting speed.

The features of the LG XNOTE E200 notebook PC include:
# 12-inch screen
# Intel Core 2 Duo processor
# 1GB memory
# 120GB hard disk (hybrid 256MB)
# ATI Radeon X1250
# 1.3M Smart Cam

Regarding the connectivity, the latest LG laptop comes with three USB ports and HDMI port.

via LG Korea.

Game Over? Core 2 Duo Knocks Out Athlon 64

Core 2 Duo Is The New King

Two weeks from now, Intel will release its all-new Core 2 Duo processor. The technical details were made available to the public in March 2006, and first benchmarks made clear that Intel is not joking: Core 2 Duo shall become the undisputed leader in performance and performance per Watt. It's time to separate facts from rumors.

Intel does not talk about changes to the processor architecture; it talks about a complete redesign. The engineers took elements from the current Pentium D NetBurst architecture and added ingredients that made the Pentium M and Core Duo mobile processors successful, and voilá: The Core2 micro-architecture was born. Key design goals were an ideal relation between processing performance and power consumption, which was a direct result of AMD's processors delivering better performance per Watt of energy, and the public complaining about unreasonably high power consumption and cooling requirements for Intel platforms.

For industry experts, Core 2 Duo beating the Athlon 64 processor family is no surprise: On the one hand, Core 2 Duo is a brand-new state-of-the-art processor, whereas the Athlon 64 X2 has been around for a while. On the other hand, Intel must come out with a superior product to finally beat AMD after two years of Athlon 64 headwinds.

So fasten your seatbelts, because Core 2 Duo is the new high-flyer. We will go through all technical aspects that have not been discussed on the web. So don't expect lots of architecture details (these can be found in our Spring IDF article), but hands-on testing and analysis. We will also have a look at the impact Core 2 Duo might have on AMD.

Asus, DFI, MSI Give Mobos The Crossfire Treatment

Crossfire's NVIDIA SLI Challenge?

Although NVIDIA has a nine-month head start over ATI in the dual graphics chipset space and has the lead in both graphics performance and platform technology, the firm still continues to aggressively secure its place in the market. One good example is NVIDIA's acquisition of Taiwanese chipset maker ULi in December, which has added years to the company's already rich chipset-IP war chest. Moreover, NVIDIA can probably launch a two-card SLI system with four GPUs at any time the market warrants it.

NVIDIA's recently launched nForce4 SLI X16 chipsets for both AMD and Intel sockets offer two, full-featured x16 PCI Express ports. However, the PCI Express lanes are split between the Northbridge and Southbridge sections of the chipset, as opposed to allocating 32 lanes locally, which could potentially pose a performance penalty in the future. But, for today's applications, this design disadvantage will not be noticeable.

So where does that leave ATI? We thought a good place to start would involve an in-depth analysis and look at some of the first motherboards that are based on ATI's Radeon Xpress 200 Crossfire Edition chipset. What we can say from the outset is that if a good gaming experience is what you are after, the ATI Crossfire solution largely runs head to head with NVIDIA's SLI systems.

ATI's chipsets, however, do pose some interesting design challenges for motherboard makers, since ATI currently is unable to deliver a state-of-the-art Southbridge that can offer

Serial ATA II and Gigabit Ethernet. As a result, motherboard makers look for third party Southbridge alternatives in order to offer better overall value (e.g. Asus' A8R-MVP). This is particularly interesting because alternative Southbridges so far have only been used to reduce costs.

How Dual Graphics Works

Both ATI and NVIDIA deliver dual graphics solutions that effectively use two graphics chips in order to accelerate 3D processing. Future technology generations may easily use four or even more graphics chips to further increase performance. Just plug two suitable graphics cards (read on for details) into the x16 PCI Express graphics slots on your ATI Crossfire or NVIDIA SLI motherboard and connect them using the corresponding solutions. You then only have to enable dual graphics mode with the graphics driver control panel.

You may wonder why this is something people would want to have, given that many games already exceed performance figures of 100 frames per seconds (FPS). There are, however, many options that can be enabled in order to increase the visual experience. Antialiasing helps to smooth edges, for example, or anisotropic filtering can reduce aliasing effects while producing less blur. Finally, some visual effects require each and every image to be run through the pixel shaders multiple times, which can have quite an impact on performance. Future 3D models (e.g. DirectX 10) will allow for fully programmable shaders, which will enable a graphics subsystem (single-, dual- or multi-GPU graphics) to do more calculations than ever before.

ATI ideally requires one so-called Crossfire master graphics card (these have not yet been available for the X1000 series) that is paired with any X1000 series model that at least matches the chip model number (e.g. Radeon X1800XT Master plus a regular Radeon X1800XT). The Crossfire Master card features an additional piece of silicon that takes care of the final image composition, while the workload is shared between two (or more) graphics processing units.

Samsung SyncMaster 214T 21" Black LCD Monitor - 214T-BLACK

Product Description

The Samsung SyncMaster 214T is a 21.3-inch TFT-PVA monitor delivering an ultra fast response time of 8ms (G to G), 900:1 contrast ratio, 0.270mm pixel pitch, 1600 x 1200 maximum resolution, a scanning frequency of 30-81 kHz horizontal and 56-75 Hz vertical, and horizontal/vertical viewing angle of 178�/178�. It features MagicColor Pro, MagicTune, MagicBright, MagicRotation with auto pivot technology and has a four-way adjustable stand.

Key Specifications

Product Description
Samsung SyncMaster 214T - flat panel display - TFT - 21.3"
Device Type
Flat panel display / TFT active matrix
Dimensions (WxDxH)
18.5 in x 9 in x 18.4 in
42.8 lbs
Diagonal Size
Dot Pitch / Pixel Pitch
0.27 mm
Max Resolution
1600 x 1200
Color Support
24-bit (16.7 million colors)
Response Time
8 ms
Image Brightness
300 cd/m2
Image Contrast Ratio
Digital Video Standard
Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
DVI, VGA (HD-15)
Compliant Standards
TCO '99
Power Consumption Operational
60 Watt
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years warranty

LG 71PY1M 71" Plasma TV Review

Almost every television manufacturer these days is in a rush to bring large flat screen display units to the market. Advancement in technology and fierce competition makes these giant TVs go on sale quickly. Take for instance this 71" LG Plasma TV which came into the market recently with a price tag of $15,399.95! You can now find it at some retailers with a price reduction of almost $3,000.00. When a new model is introduced people start looking at the previous models with a mind that they may not work anymore or be current with technology. If this was true then your Grandma's TV which is probably older than you would not work today but many still do. It is true there are rapid changes in technology these days but that doesn't mean the electronics become obsolete right away. As a matter of fact if you find these high end display units at a sale price and know how to connect them properly, you can enjoy a Full High Definition picture and your electronics can go a very long way.

The LG 71PY1M™ is Full HD 1080P 71" Plasma HD Monitor by LG Electronics®. The monitor may not be 100% up to the new technology but it has many advanced features which can help you in enjoying a big picture in the comfort of your own home. This elegantly designed TV is now less than 4" deep. It can be used in a lobby, living room, club house and of course in a dedicated Home Theater.

HDMI, the new Savior
HDMI™ is a new standard for digital connections and sending and receiving uncompressed audio and video transmissions over a single digital cable. Lots of money can be saved by replacing all those audio and video cables by one HDMI digital cable. Space behind the monitor can look clean. HDMI is supposed to make life easier and simple. On the contrary people don't fully understand its benefits. They get more confused when they hear words like HDMI version 1.2 or HDMI version 1.3. Don't worry the new version is coming soon. These are simply new editions which allow more functions while retaining the old ones. In terms of technology HDMI is backward compatible. So when people think or say, �It's not gonna work", just think again and ask an expert.

The picture out of box is good. Analog sources also produce very good pictures as the on board XD Engine®, the scaler does a good job in mapping the incoming sources to the monitor's native resolution. Pictures fed in through Blue-Ray™ DVD looks well but don't give a Cinema-like look. In the case of Cinemascope movies the unused black bands on the top and bottom of the picture are not completely black. They have a slightly shiny look. This degrades the picture quality and reduces the contrast in the displayed image.

Pros and Cons
The monitor has 2 HDMI inputs but these are under 1.2 versions which means though they will accept Full 1080P HD signal, they will not be able to process DeepColor™ information. The video signals can go in 60 Hertz or 24 frames per second. The best solution to enjoy Full 1080P picture from an HD DVD player will be to send the picture @60 Hertz. If you want to enjoy lossless sounds such as Dolby TrueHD™ then send the Digital Bitstream from HD DVD player to the HDMI receiver such as the Onkyo TX-SR605™ under 1.3 version and then simply send the picture to LG monitor through HDMI 1.2 version in 1080P @60 Hertz. For other Dolby Digital sounds such as from a satellite receiver you can feed the HDMI signals directly into the monitor and then send the audio signals to the back speakers through the external speaker outputs.

The brightness and contrast ratio as compared to other high end plasma televisions is lower on this monitor and the contrast ratio is only 2000:1. You still get a nice and bright picture in 10 bit processing through HDMI. So the overall picture is good and it allows the HD pictures to be displayed in their full bandwidth.

Some other important features it lacks are Cable Card, V-Chip for parental control and an HD Tuner.

LG 71PY1M™ is a 1080P High Definition flat panel Plasma Television. Resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. Brightness is 300cd/m² while the Contrast Ratio is only 2000:1. Native Aspect ratio is 16:9 and an on board scaler, XD Engine® scales the incoming signals to the monitor's native resolution.

The TV has screen functions such as Picture in Picture and Split Screen. The life of Plasma Screen brightness is 60,000 hours and after that it is decreased by 50%.

The monitor comes with a table stand and it can also be wall mounted with an optional wall mount. For installing it on the wall please hire a professional as the monitor weighs 191.1lbs. The design and looks of the monitor are elegant as it is only about 4" deep. The connection panel for the input terminals is at the bottom of the TV so that you can reach the desired plugs easily when it is wall mounted. The input terminals include 2 HDMI under version 1.2, 2 Component Video inputs, 2 Composite Videos, 1 S-Video, 1 15 Pin VGA, 1 DVI and speaker out for external speakers.

The viewing angle on the TV is 160° that means it can be watched without any stress from corner to corner.

Manufacturer's Warranty on Parts and Labor is 2 years. LG provides in-home service.

This is still one good large sized plasma television that you can hook up with HD DVD player, HD Satellite system and high end 7.1 digital surround sound system. It will be a good choice for a family entertainment center if you can find a good sale price on it. As far as the advanced technology is concerned it will still go a very long way.

Sony Vaio VGN-TZ190N/BC

Reap the benefits of flash memory. Performance is taken to the next plateau with faster and more reliable flash memory on this black carbon-fiber VAIO® TZ series notebook. The included leather case will protect the ultra-portable notebook-weighing in at 2.7 lbs with 4 to 7.5 hours of standard battery life and durable, lightweight casing. And with an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, Bluetooth® technology and 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LAN technology, you'll be able to stay connected and productive when on the go. An 11.1” display with XBRITE-HiColor™ LCD technology delivers stunning clarity and true-to-life color, which is great for viewing movies on long flights. You can also create and record up to 8.5GB of data with the DVD+R Double Layer/DVD±RW drive.

TZ Series

The VAIO® TZ notebook is more than just portable; it a truly wireless companion. Available in four stately colors—Champagne Gold, Bordeaux, Classic Black and Premium Black Carbon—this notebook is sure to turn heads and inspire second looks. Cutting-edge mobile performance with an Intel® 2 Duo processor—All the power of a larger PC packed into a lightweight and ultra-portable 11.1" 7 form factor. Featuring AV Instant Mode, convenient entertainment controls and an available built-in camera and microphone. The VAIO® TZ takes security seriously, with a built-in fingerprint sensor, an integrated Trusted Platform Module and available G-Sensor Shock Protection.


Marvel of Sony Engineering
A true marvel of engineering, the VAIO® TZ notebook combines all the power and advantages of a larger PC into a much smaller and portable 11.1" 7 form factor. Made possible by advanced space-saving engineering techniques, the TZ notebook features high-performance computing assets such as an Intel® Core 2 Duo processor, XBRITE-HiColor™ LCD technology and an optional MOTION EYE® camera with microphone built into the razor-thin 4.7mm LCD panel.

Innovative Keyboard Design
Designed for ease of use and a smart, sophisticated look, the VAIO® TZ notebook features a thoughtfully redesigned keyboard that showcases an extreme attention to detail. Individual keys are slightly raised above an attractive piano-black bezel layer, producing a user-friendly touch and feel to the keyboard that creates an improved typing experience.

In addition, an extra support layer has been added below the bezel to increase the structural integrity of the keyboard and add stability to the keys, giving them an unwavering up-down motion and making for quieter typing.

Razor-thin LCD panel
The VAIO® TZ notebook boasts an ultra-thin LCD panel. At 4.7 mm, this LCD is approximately the width of four stacked credit cards, yet with its carbon-fiber casing, you can be sure it will withstand the rigors of the road.

Carbon-fiber casing
Weighing just 2.7lbs,1 the stylish VAIO® TZ notebook features an improved lightweight and especially robust carbon-fiber casing. From the top of the LCD cover, which features an added thickness of 0.2mm, to the bottom of the unit, including the edges, the carbon-fiber casing provides superior protection against impact shocks and torqued movements.

Carbon fiber, the same material used on jets and sports cars to keep them lightweight yet sturdy, is much stronger than the magnesium used on standard notebooks. Built with the rigors of the road in mind, the VAIO® TZ notebook will keep you up and running trouble-free.

Color Options
The sleek VAIO® TZ notebook exemplifies understated elegance with its clean, simple lines and incredibly slim profile. Available in four stately colors—Champagne Gold, Bordeaux, Classic Black and Premium Black Carbon—this notebook is sure to turn heads and inspire second looks.

Bordeaux (only available on TZ180)
Available in limited supply, select VAIO® TZ notebooks feature a deep, rich Bordeaux finish applied by hand to the LCD panel. This unique color adds a sense of understated sophistication to the TZ notebook as well as accentuates the crafted detail of its thoughtful design.

Champagne Gold (only available on TZ150, TZ170)
Select VAIO® TZ notebooks feature a radiant yet subtle Champagne Gold LCD panel. This alluring color highlights the sophisticated and elegant design of the TZ notebook, drawing attention to its clean lines and slim profile.

Premium Black Carbon (only available on TZ191)
The VAIO® TZ notebook features an eye-catching Premium Black carbon-fiber casing with a special gel surface coating to showcase the gorgeous crossing patterns of the individual fibers. The rich texture it creates suggests a rustic yet urbane sophistication—all while providing superior durability. Given the handcrafted nature of this premium carbon-fiber casing, it is only available in limited quantity.

XBRITE-HiColor™ LCD technology with white LED backlight
The VAIO® TZ notebook features an 11.1" 7 WXGA widescreen display with Sony's original XBRITE-HiColor™ LCD technology with white LED backlight. Sony’s innovative backlight technology offers lower power consumption for improved battery life and provides incredibly high brightness levels, amplifying colors and creating clear, crisp pictures that truly “pop” off the LCD. The result: an amazing 72% color saturation for deeper blacks, brighter whites, true-to-life color and razor-sharp detail. And, with the anti-reflective coating to minimize reflection while providing a wide viewing angle, you'll enjoy a beautifully clear image from almost any angle. It's the ideal way to present your work or watch a DVD when you're on the go.


Ultra-portable and durable
The luxuriously sleek and ultra-portable VAIO® TZ notebook boasts an incredibly small and lightweight form-factor with a robust carbon-fiber casing for enhanced durability. This best-in-class PC weighs only 2.7 lbs1, is less than 1" thin2 with an incredible 4 to 7.5 hours of standard battery life6.

Long Battery Life
Sony's innovative power-saving technology efficiently manages power resources to deliver an amazing 4 to 7.5 hours of standard battery life6. And for those times when you'll be on the go all day, rely on the optional large capacity battery for 6 to 11.5 hours of power6 to get you through.

Go farther, do more and stay connected
Surf the web from virtually anywhere with the VAIO® TZ notebook, a true mobile wireless companion. With available integrated wireless Wide Area Network (WAN)3 technology and a subscription to Sprint® Mobile Broadband, you can wirelessly surf the web from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Sprint, the nation's largest wireless broadband network, now offers EV-DO Revision A for faster Internet access on-the-go. With faster average download speeds and broadband upload speeds, Sprint's EV-DO Revision A technology lets you utilize richer applications and services on the go, such as high-speed video telephony, video messaging and large file uploads. (not available on TZ130)

802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN technology
Introducing the next great advancement in wireless technology—Intel® Next-Gen Wireless-N. With built-in 802.11n4 wireless LAN technology, the VAIO® TZ notebook offers greater wireless range and reliability than ever before. 802.11n offers a massive boost in speed and considerably more range than 802.11a/b/g when connected to compatible hotspots. Connect to compatible hot spots with ease and experience the incredible difference of 802.11n4. You can even wirelessly stream video throughout your office or home with blazing-fast speed. 802.11n 4 is backwards compatible with existing networks, so there is no need for any additional hardware or cables—it's all built-in.

SmartWi™ Technology
Sony's original SmartWi™ technology seamlessly integrates wireless Wide Area Network (WAN)3, 802.11 a/b/g/n4 wireless LAN4 and Bluetooth®5 technologies. Now you can quickly and easily toggle among your wireless connectivity options—wireless LAN for home, office and hotspots; Bluetooth® for peripherals; and wireless WAN for access to Sprint® Mobile Broadband services when you're traveling outside the reach of LAN access networks and hotspot. (not available on TZ130)

GPS Navigation
The ultra-portable VAIO TZ is equipped to serve as your portable GPS navigation assistant. A subscription with Sprint® Mobile Broadband service includes the Microsoft® Streets & Trips GPS application, which works in conjunction with a Bluetooth® GPS receiver (sold separately) to turn this thin-and-light notebook into a portable navigation assistant—ready to lead the way wherever you go.

Bluetooth Technology
The VAIO® TZ notebook features integrated Bluetooth® technology5 for effortless communication with Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as mice, keyboards, PDAs, GPS devices and wireless headsets, without the need for additional hardware or software.


Cutting-edge Mobile Performance
The VAIO® TZ notebook optimizes mobility while offering superior performance on every front, starting with its use of an Intel® Core 2 Duo processor for advanced multi-tasking potential. The result is dazzling performance for a wide array of tasks. To complement this power, integrated 802.11 a/b/g/n4 wireless LAN offers the reliability and speed you need for wireless connectivity on the fly. And with an incredible 4 to 7.5 hours of standard battery life6, integrated wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) technology through Sprint® Mobile Broadband on select models and optional GPS functionality12 to guide you when exploring new locales, the high-performance ultra-portable VAIO TZ notebook will keep you connected and productive when you're on the road.

Flash Memory
The VAIO® TZ notebook takes performance to a new level by utilizing flash memory in place of the typical spinning hard-disk drive memory found in most PCs. Faster and more reliable, flash memory provides a rapid boot-up and quicker access to applications while significantly reducing the risk of hard drive problems that result from its moving parts, an ideal feature for a travel notebook where knocks and sudden movements are par for the course. (only available on TZ191, TZ190)

The integration of flash memory into the VAIO® TZ notebook reduces the time it takes for your PC to power up, access programs and write data to the hard drive.

More reliable
Flash memory is more reliable than hard disk memory, mainly because there are no moving parts. Since data is written to stationary flash memory instead of a spinning hard disk, you have less risk of hardware problems with the hard disk when you're on the move.

DVD Creation/storage
Sony puts professional-quality tools for creating your own DVDs at your fingertips. With Click to DVD® software and CD/DVD burner8, presenting your digital video content in a professional-looking package—including interactive menus and customized themes—is quick and easy. Create or record up to 8.5GB of data, home video, music or digital photos on one Double Layer DVD disc.

Convenient Data Transfer
The VAIO® TZ notebook offers several connector interfaces for convenient and efficient data transfer, including a Memory Stick PRO™ media slot9, Secure Digital™ media slot, i.LINK® port10 and two USB 2.0 ports.

Windows Vista® Business
The VAIO® TZ notebook comes pre-installed with Windows Vista™ Business—the definitive choice for your business today and tomorrow. A stunning and simple new user interface lets you easily find, use and share information. Powerful safety features provide you with a safer computing experience and help protect your critical data. Mobile computing enhancements allow you to stay connected with your business and customers whether you're in the office or on the road. And as your business and technology needs grow and change, Windows Vista™ Business can grow with you, providing the best return on your investment.


Built-in camera and microphone
Backed by Sony's engineering expertise in miniaturization, the VAIO® TZ notebook features a built-in like MOTION EYE™ camera and microphone built into its 4.7mm razor-thin LCD panel. Stay connected to friends and family with real-time video conferencing whether you're in the office, at home or on the go11.

Mobile Multimedia Entertainment
The VAIO® TZ notebook is well-suited to meet your mobile multimedia entertainment demands, allowing you to create dynamic presentations, view movies with stunning clarity and create and manage your multimedia files with ease. Use the included Click to DVD® software and DVD+R Double Layer/DVD±RW drive8 to easily create high-quality, customized DVDs.

Instant Entertainment
Perfect for long flights where extended battery life is a necessity, the VAIO® TZ notebook's ingenious Instant Mode allows you to go straight to watching a movie, playing music or viewing photos at the touch of a button, without having to boot-up the operating system.

Convenient AV Controls
With convenient A/V control buttons located in the front of the unit for easy operation from a reclined viewing position, you can stop, play, fast forward, reverse and eject your entertainment with one-touch simplicity. To complement this feature, an 11.1" 7 WXGA widescreen display with Sony's original XBRITE-HiColor™ LCD technology lets you watch movies and DVDs with stunning clarity in the intended aspect ratio for theatrical presentation.


Fingerprint Security
Fingerprint biometrics is a convenient and secure way to protect your computer and the information on it with a simple swipe of your finger. It also stores passwords to secure websites you visit, so authentication and access are quick and easy—you only need your fingerprint.

G-Sensor™ Shock Protection (not available on flash models—TZ191, TZ190)
G-Sensor™ Shock Protection makes your data even less vulnerable to loss or damage. When the built-in 3D acceleration sensor detects a risky movement, such as being dropped, the HDD-head will lock up to secure its position and reduce the risk of damage from scratching.

VGA PC Camera Web Cam from VoIP

USB PC Camera allows you to take pictures, videos and conduct video conferencing via the internet. Compatible with any computer or laptop with USB port. Includes USB cable, driver and software (Amcop, PhotoImpression 4.0, VideoImpression 1.6).


* CMOS w/ 300K pixel sensor
* Output resolution: 640X480, 352X288
* Frame rate: 30fps at CIF; 15fps at VGA
* Tilt and swivel adjustment stand with laptop clamp
* Automatic exposure
* Supports USB 2.0, 1.1 or 1.0
* 24-bit JPEG and Bitmap still picture formats
* Fixed f = 6.85 mm lens
* 5cm ~ infinity (Normal)/manual focus
* F2.2 aperture
* Compatible with Windows XP/ME/2000/98SE

Price: $19.99

Acer Aspire AS9800

Acer's latest desktop replacement system, the Aspire AS9800 fits much more into the luggable category than the traditional definitions. It definitely could quality as a desktop computer with its specifications and it can be carried around, although I doubt many would want to carry it for very long. Let's take a closer look at what it has to offer...

Processor: The Aspire AS9800 from Acer is powered by the high end Intel Core Duo T2600. This is one of the most powerful of Intel's mobile processors currently available on the market. It is a dual core processor that allows the system to perform very well with multiple applications on the desktop at the same time. It is very much a desktop equivalent processor in a mobile platform. About the only drawback with it is the lack of the 64-bit extensions to support the Windows Vitsa 64-bit edition.

Memory: Most notebook computer system come standard with 1GB of ram that is sufficient to run most applications. Acer loads the Aspire AS9800 with a full 2GB of memory that allows it to run smoothly in memory intensive applications. Acer also uses the faster PC2-5300 DDR2 memory to better match up with the bus speed of the Core Duo processor.

Hard Drives: Due to the large size of the Aspire AS9800 notebook, Acer is able to easily fit in two notebook drives into the case. Two 120GB SATA hard drives provide a total of 240GB of potential storage space. They spin at a very reasonable 5,400rpm giving them good overall performance. This is important as the system does have multimedia functions such as a TV tuner that provides space for digital recordings of TV that take up a lot of space.

CD/DVD Drives: One of the unique features of the Aspire AS9800 is the inclusion of a HD-DVD compatible optical drive. This allows playback of HD-DVD discs, but there still are no proper software decoders for the new format so it doesn't have much use. It does have the ability to record and playback standard DVD and CD disc including the dual layer media, but it does so at slower speeds then dedicated DVD burners.

Graphics and Display: While most desktop replacement notebooks feature 17” LCD screens, the Aspire 9800 instead features a very large 20.1” wide screen with a 1680x1050 resolution. Driving the graphics is a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 Go processor. While this is a dedicated processor, it does lack the performance for playing PC games at high resolutions that the monitor provides. This makes it less than ideal for gaming. Also features are a TV tuner, remote and DVD-D output with HDCP support.

Networking: Networking has become fairly standardized on most notebook computers. The Aspire AS9800 features a standard v.92 56Kbps software modem for dial-up networking. Wired networking is taken care of by a gigabit ethernet port. Wireless networking supports both the 2.4GHz 802.11b and 802.11g standards as well as the 5GHz 802.11a standard. This allows the AS9800 to use pretty much any wireless network. A Bluetooth 2.0 wireless interface is also included for wireless peripherals.

Ports: For such a large notebook computer system, one would expect the Aspire AS9800 to feature a large number of expansion ports. It does support four USB 2.0 ports and a single FireWire port, not much different from smaller notebook computers. What it does feature are lesser used ports such as a parallel and serial port used by older peripherals such as printers. There also are all the video in and out connectors for use with the TV tuner and media functions.
Software: While the Acer Aspire AS9800 is not a low cost machine, one would expect it to come with a fairly complete software suite. The system does lack a number of basic applications however. It uses the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 that compliments the included TV tuner and remote for multimedia functions. Norton Anti-Virus is included to handle security. Other applications include CyberLink PowerProducer and NTI CD-Maker. No productivity software is included.

Overall Impressions: This system truly is a replacement in terms of its overall performance and features. The large LCD display, full sized keyboard, copious storage space and solid processor means it will compete well with desktop computer system. What it lacks is the portability of a notebook. At an incredible 17.2 pounds in weight, very few people will be able to carry such a computer around easily. Then there is the whole question of whether you can even find a computer bag to carry such a system.

What the Aspire AS9800 would perform well at is being a home theater replacement for a small apartment or dorm room. The large 20.1” screen is the equivalent of a small HDTV screen. This combined with the included TV tuner, remote and Media Center operating system makes it very strong for this task.

Those looking for a mobile gaming platform will probably want to look elsewhere. While it features a large screen, fast processor and lots of memory, it is hampered by the lower end graphics processor. Sure, it is not an integrated processor, but the GeForce Go 7300 will be hard pressed to provide high resolution 3D performance with any form of decent frame rates.

The other real drawback is the software package. It would be nice to see the system come with some productivity software such as MS Works or Office Basic. The lack of this means that people needing these will have to spend more on top of an already pricey notebook computer system.

BenQ Joybook S41

Contemporary Design
The BenQ design team brings you the best design by using LCM and POP Art to create a distinctive look and feel that takes the S41 to another level. The sleek silver strip perfectly compliments the smooth black color – a perfect combination of style and technology.

  • The exclusive Laminated Color Metal (LCM) Technology blends with the circles and squares pattern – a Pop Art influenced design that shouts out class and style.
  • The fine aluminium hairline finish palm rest gives it a metropolitan touch.
  • The use of LEDs to display the Joybook's status adds visual appeal.
  • Cleverly fits a full-size ergonomic keyboard into its compact housing, and even increases the spacing between keys to 19.05mm.
  • Smooth zero-Gap touch pad lets your fingers effortlessly glide on and off.
Best-in-class graphics
With the best-in-class nVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GS discrete graphics, Joybook S41 gives you a stunning visual experience. Supporting up to 1 GB TurboCache™ , Joybook S41 renders the most intense 3D visual effects for today's hottest games. Furthermore, nVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology delivers visuals and system performance for you to experience the latest graphics and video features with superb picture clarity and stutter-free playback.

HDMI – Unparalleled multimedia performance
Get the best digital video and audio performance with the HDMI output connector. It provides pristine transmission of high-definition digital video and digital audio up to 1080p resolution via a single cable – allowing easy connection of HD enabled equipment such as HD monitor, HD TV, or HD projector for the best multimedia experience.

Premium viewing experience
The Joybook S41 uses a 14.1" widescreen with BenQ's patented UltraVivid* technology, taking advantage of DBEF™ (Display Brilliance Enhancement Film) and the world's fastest response time of 16ms*. What you get is a superior display. The brightness of the screen is raised delivering crisp and vibrant image quality with accurately rendered details.
*Selected models only.

Dynamic Audio experience

Get cinema-class audio with the Joybook S41. Featuring SRS TruSurround XT technology, change everything you hear into breathtaking virtual surround sound. Included are SRS TruBass and SRS Dialog Clarity to deliver deep, rich bass and improve dialog intelligibility in movies. And along with exclusive audio processing software, noise and echo is suppressed – providing the best-quality audio whether you're in a videoconference or enjoying your personal entertainment.

With ultra-high fidelity dual 1.5-watt speakers positioned just under the screen, video and audio originate from the same area, giving you a more realistic, immersive listening experience. And whether making VoIP calls or recording voice memos, the integrated microphone along the front edge of the keyboard lets you speak at a natural volume and still communicate clearly.

Wireless freedom
Nothing will come between your work and play. Connect to a wide range of networks and peripherals both inside and outside of your home or office with the integrated wireless WAN, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN or built-in Bluetooth® 2.0*. Sharing and enjoying your entertainment has never been easier.
* Selected models only.

Stay in touch
Built-in with a 1.3 megapixel QEye webcam and an internal mic with noise suppression and echo cancellation functions, the Joybook S41 enables you to engage in real-time sharing and live-video, such as participating in videoconferencing, or providing friends and family with a live broadcast of your life. By clicking the exclusive QShot hotkey, you can easily capture and save images from your desktop, QEye or DVD films.

Prominent performance
The Joybook S41 leads the way in adopting the latest Intel® Centrino® Duo processor technology along with the Windows Vista™ operating system.

Incorporated Intel® Core™2 Duo processor and Intel® PM965 Express Chipset ensures operation stays smooth even when numerous applications are open. You can be downloading your entertainment while playing the latest games, or working hard with your favorite tunes playing with no interruptions – giving you a whole new business and entertainment experience.

And Whether in multimedia applications or digital home features, performance or data security, Windows Vista™ provides more information in a more intuitive and useful manner on your computer desktop.

Outstanding quality from 25 rigorous tests
Adhering to BenQ's dedication to quality, the Joybook S41 is subjected to a battery of 25 tests – including a scratch resistance test, pressure test, hinge test, compatibility test, high and low temperature tests, drop test, vibration test, audio muting test, and EM emissions test – to ensure its quality. That’s what it takes to make a notebook as flawless as the Joybook S41.

Hayes Accura ISDN PCI

ISDN Terminal Adaptor for Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME & NT4.0

The Hayes Accura ISDN PCI Terminal Adaptor connects to the world's most popular ISDN interface, the 'Basic Rate S/T Interface' which provides two 64 Kbps B channels and one D signalling channel.
By using the ML-PPP standard, the two B channels can be bonded together to give 128 Kbps throughput uncompressed, more than double the speed of a 56K modem. Because the ISDN line provides two B channels, multitasking is possible, for example, a fax can be sent on one channel while the computer user can browse the Web on the other channel. Call Bumping and Bandwidth on Demand features are also supported. The Terminal Adaptor supports both the CAPI 2.0 and NDIS WAN miniport drivers to provide a high level of application software compatibility. All the popular ISDN protocols are supported, including Eurofile transfer.

Technical Specifications

Data Speeds :
  • Channel bonding for speeds up to 128 Kbps
Fax Speeds :
  • 14,400 Kbps, Group 3, Class 1
Standards Supported :
  • Point-to-Point Multilink Protocol (MLP) with 128 Kbps Channel Bonding
  • V.110 and V.120 Rate Adaptation
  • Async to Sync PPP Conversion
  • V.42 bis Data compression over ISDN
Product Package Contains :
  • Hayes Accura PCI ISDN
  • Terminal Adaptor
  • 2 Metre RJ-45 ISDN Telephone cable
  • CD-Rom with Software and Drivers
  • User's Guide
System Requirements :
  • Standard ISDN Basic Rate phoneline with S/T Interface
  • 486, Pentium or faster PC
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000 ME or NT4.0
  • Hard drive with 2MB disk space
  • Available PCI slot
Standards Supported (cont.) :
  • HDLC transparent, X.75, T.70NL, Eurofile transfer on B channels
  • Automatic Protocol Sensing (V.110, V.120, X.75, PPP, MLP)
Operating System Support :
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4.0 and 2000
Regulatory Approvals :
  • CE Approved
Warranty :
  • One year

Plextor PX-PA15AW-NA External Wireless Projector Adapter-Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a b g

The Plextor PX-PA15AW Wireless Projector Adapter gives presenters the freedom to broadcast screen-captured images to any projector with a VGA connectivity, from anywhere in the room. You can easily switch control of the projector between presenters without long interuptions. Broadcast screen-captured images from any Wi-Fi enabled computer to any projector with VGA connectivity. No more swapping the VGA cable between presenters to connect their laptops or PCs with the adapter.


All-in-one Wireless Presentation Solution

The Plextor® PX-PA15AW Wireless Projector Adapter gives presenters the freedom to broadcast screen-captured images to any projector with a VGA connectivity, from anywhere in the room. You can easily switch control of the projector between presenters without long interuptions. Your meetings will never be the same, when you present with Plextor style!

Best of all, the PX-PA15AW comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor.

High Transfer Rate

Broadcast screen-captured images from any Wi-Fi enabled computer to any projector with VGA connectivity.

Easy Set Up

No more swapping the VGA cable between presenters to connect their laptops or PCs with the adapter.

Wi-FI Technology

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g and Ethernet compliant.

Total Solution Features
Part # (retail kit): PX-PA15AW-NA (External) (Box Contents)


Network Standards : IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and Ethernet
Bandwidth 802.11a: GHz - 802.11 b/g: 2.4 GHz
Channels 802.11 b/g: US & Canada: 11, Europe:13, Japan:14
Transmission rate 802.11 a/g: up to 54 Mbps - 802.11b: up to 11 Mbps
Transmission Range 802.11a: 20~30M Depends on environment
802.11b/g: 50~100M Depends on environment
Antenna 2.4 ~ 2.4835, 5.15 ~, 5.25, 5.725 ~ 5.825 GHz
Operation temperature 32º~104º F
Operation humidity 10º~85 %, Non-condensing
Power Consumption USA & Taiwan: 5V, 1 A Europe: 5 V, 1.7 A
Connectors D-Sub 15 pin, RJ-45
Status indicators Power on
Dimension(W/H/D) 4.57 in x 3.13 in x 1.03 in.
Weight 0.42 lbs
Management Protocol Web-based utility
Graphics Resolution 800x 600, 1024 x 768
Color Depth 16-bit / 24- bit / 32- bit
Security mechanism 64 / 128 bit WEP
Frame rate Up to 15 FPS

Minimum System Requirements

CPU Pentium® III 800MHz or equivalent (minimum)
RAM 256 MB
Hard Disk Space 500 MB of available

WLAN 802.11 a/b/g or b/g card with Infrastructure/ Ad-hoc mode support (embedded or card bus)


Unparalleled Fusion of Innovative Concept, Advanced Technology and Astonishing Design

ASUS-Lamborghini VX1 is an extreme and spectacular expression of the ASUS and Lamborghini spirit that, with the look alone, exudes power, speed, strength and beauty.

Enjoy revolutionary entertainment on the go - Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology in ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX1- enables breakthrough mobile performance, new high-definition capabilities and improved battery life.

Unparalleled Fusion of Innovative Concept, Advanced Technology and Astonishing Design
Available in both yellow and black, the Lamborghini Notebook Series is the ultimate representation of technology and automobile fusion and a true mobile computing revolution. With design details and special mirror painting finish, the ASUS-Lamborghini VX1 is an extreme and spectacular expression of the ASUS and Lamborghini spirit that, with the look alone, exudes power, speed, strength and beauty.

Next Generation Mobile Computing Performance
The ASUS-Lamborghini VX1 is based on the new Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology platform. The dual-core processing capabilities of the VX1 offers desktop level computing performance such as faster processing and high quality video/ audio enjoyment while enabling high mobility and better productivity with smaller form factor and longer battery life. The 15" VX1, weighing less than most of the 14" notebooks, is a powerful work machine with superior mobility.

A Cooperation Built on United Business Commitment
ASUS has long been recognized for its high and uncompromised quality standards and this coincides with the relentless fervor in pursuit for design excellence of Lamborghini, established by its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini. Hence, the corporation between the two businesses is based on a mutual commitment to top quality and dedication to exceptional design. The Lamborghini VX1 is a masterpiece that delivers both cutting-edge performance as well as luxurious style.

Design Craftsmanship
The Lamborghini Notebook Series is a true mobile computing revolution. The Industrial Design team at ASUS studied the many series of Lamborghini in order to get the most accurate perception of the Lamborghini spirit. Available in both yellow and black, the Lamborghini VX1 adopts the trademark colors of the Lamborghini logo. With special mirror painting finish, the notebook looks and feels like a supreme supercar.

The designers´ incorporated many details inspired by Lamborghini concepts to the notebook. The sharp yet streamlined LCD cover design comes from the dual-compartment 2005 Lamborghini Concept S as well as the unique aerodynamics design of Lamborghini Gallardo. The LED display design is a duplication of the air diffuser mesh of Murcielago Barchetta Concept. The Lamborghini VX1 is an extreme and spectacular expression of the ASUS and Lamborghini spirit that, with the look alone, exudes power, speed, strength and beauty.

The Slim, Lightweight 15-inch Notebook
The ASUS VX1 is an ultra slim and super light 15-inch notebook measuring at 2.5cm in thinness. It is characterised by a refined and elegant design that represents the most comprehensive solution for professionals who demand functionality and cutting-edge performance.

Dual core, Double Power
Equipped with the latest Dual Core processing, the VX1 provides enhanced responsiveness to enjoy audio & video playback & record, gaming, IM, and web-browsing simultaneously on your notebook. Moreover, it Enhanced performance on floating-point intensive applications such as gaming, digital music, digital photography and video editing.

The latest 3D processing Power
Incorporated with the NVidia GeForce Go7400VX delivers stunning, true-to-life visuals, incredibly smooth video playback and exceptional graphics performance—from personal video recording and high definition TV, to enthusiast-level gaming.

Intel, the Intel logo, Centrino and the Centrino logo, Intel Core and Core Inside, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

* All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Products may not be available in all markets.
* PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.
* Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Canon Pixma MP530

CNET editors' review

The Canon Pixma MP530 is one of two office-oriented inkjet all-in-one printers in Canon's offering. For a mere $200, you get a machine that prints, scans, copies, and faxes and does everything quite well. Photo enthusiasts will be disappointed by the lack of media card slots and a preview LCD, but the printer does feature a PictBridge port for direct printing from a camera. The included automatic document feeder and built-in duplexer are much appreciated; in fact, the only office feature this all-in-one lacks is built-in networking capability. If you don't mind working around that, this is a nearly perfect workhorse for a home-office environment; we haven't seen a better office-oriented all-in-one in this price range. If networking is your highest priority, try the Brother MFC-5840cn, but you'll be happier with the quality of the MP530's prints and scans. Canon's other office all-in-one is the Pixma MP830, which provides faster speeds, media card slots, and a preview LCD, but no networking capability, for an additional $100.

Design of Canon Pixma MP530

The Canon Pixma MP530 is fairly compact, though boxy, for an office-oriented all in one that prints, scans, copies, and faxes. It sits 18.5 inches wide, 18.4 inches deep, and 10.4 inches tall and weighs a manageable 28 pounds. The automatic document feeder mounted on top of the scanner lid handles up to 30 pages of originals for copying or scanning. The scanner platen can manage up to A4-size originals, but using the ADF, you can scan up to legal-size originals. The scanner lid's hinges lift to accommodate thicker originals, too.

Not surprisingly, the office-oriented Pixma MP530 has limited photo printing options. While it does have a PictBridge port for printing directly from PictBridge-enabled still and video cameras, it lacks media card slots. The Brother MFC-5840cn offers media card slots.

The MP530 has two options for paper input: a cassette and an auto sheet feeder. This arrangement is convenient if you often switch back and forth between plain paper and specialty papers. Each can hold up to 150 sheets of plain paper. The auto sheet feeder folds out from the rear of the printer while the cassette slides out from the bottom front. Both have adjustable paper guides to handle different sizes of paper. The output tray folds out from the body of the printer with a touch of a button, and an extension flap folds out to corral longer pages. Unfortunately, while there is a door in the back of the printer for clearing paper jams, the printer isn't set up to handle straight pass-through, which is sometimes problematic if you're printing on stiffer media that resists bending, such as card stock.

The control panel is mounted on a "shelf" on the front of the printer. A two-line text LCD lets you navigate the various menus, but it's not backlit. Dedicated function buttons let you switch between copy, fax, and scan tasks. To access the menu for each task, first press the task button, then press the menu button. Left, right, back, and OK buttons let you drill up and down through the menus. Dedicated buttons let you change the exposure, reduce or enlarge, and alter image quality while in copy mode. You can also change the paper type (size and quality), as well as switch between the auto sheet feeder and the cassette with a touch of a button. Rounding out the control panel are fax-dedicated buttons (alphanumeric keypad and redial), task start buttons, and a stop/reset button.

To access and replace the ink tanks, simply lift up on the control panel shelf. The MP530 uses a five-ink system: dye-based black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, and a pigment-based black. The dye-based ink tanks cost $14.25 each to replace, and the pigment-based black tank costs $16.25. The printer ships with full ink cartridges, and the printhead is conveniently labeled so that you know where each tank lives. A light mounted on the front of each tank tells you the status of that tank: low ink, empty, and whether it's properly installed. Canon estimates that it costs about 3 cents per page for a black-and-white document and 2 cents per page for a color document--very inexpensive, both for a Canon printer and within the industry.

Features of Canon Pixma MP530

Unlike the photo-centric all-in-ones, the Canon Pixma MP530 includes a fax function, making it a true office workhorse. We wish it was also network-ready, which would make it indispensable in a multiuser environment. Unfortunately, you can connect to it only via USB. You can get around that by connecting the MP530 to a router with a built-in print server or by buying a standalone print server, but a network-ready printer is a much more elegant solution. On the other hand, it does support both Windows and Mac operating systems.

One feature we really like on this machine is the built-in duplexer, which allows for automatic double-sided printing and copying. This is a boon for anyone trying to save money or the environment. When copying, you can reduce or enlarge by using preset ratios (25 to 400 percent), custom ratios (zoom), or automatic ratios (fit to page). You can also adjust the exposure and the image quality or copy to both sides of the page. Other special copy functions include 2-on-1 or 4-on-1 copy, sticker copy, borderless copy, image repeat, and collated copy.

When you connect a PictBridge-enabled camera, you can access the photo print menu by pressing the menu button. Here, you can change paper size and type and the image layout or optimize the image. While we really appreciated it when printers include media card slots, we can understand why an office-oriented all-in-one doesn't.

You can set up the fax function in a number of different ways, depending on your needs. The included user guide outlines your options from connecting to an analog phone line or an ADSL to adding an answering machine to the mix. For numbers you fax to often, you can program up to 40 speed-dial entries. You can even use the ADF for sending a multipage fax. Also, the fax's memory can store up to 150 pages, perfect for when you want to be discreet about incoming faxes or you just want to weed out junk faxes to save paper.

When scanning, you also have a broad range of options. Using the included MP Navigator software, you can quickly select your task and choose options. You can save the document to your PC as a number of different file types, print the scanned document or photo, attach the scan to an e-mail, or use the optical character recognition software to convert the scan into an editable text file. Using the ADF, you can also do batch scanning.

Performance of Canon Pixma MP530

Befitting the Canon Pixma MP530's office-oriented status, it was quick at basic office tasks, but slow at photo printing. It printed text documents at a snappy 6.77 pages per minute, scanned black-and-white images at 5.64ppm, scanned color documents at 5.22ppm, and copied at a rate of 3.83ppm. On the other hand, it printed 4x6 photos at a poky 0.29ppm. The similarly priced HP OfficeJet 5610 offers faster color scanning, but it's slower at everything else.

CNET Labs' multifunction printer performance
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Copy speed
Color scan speed
Grayscale scan speed
Photo speed
Text speed
Canon Pixma MP530*
Brother MFC-5840cn
HP OfficeJet 5610
Note: We tested the Canon MP530's photo speed by printing a 4x6 photo. The other printers were tested using an 8x10 photo.

The print quality was also impressive. The text prints were nearly perfect to the naked eye, about as good as it gets for inkjet printers. The color graphics prints were also excellent: smooth curves, nicely saturated colors, grain-free color blocks, and excellent photo elements. The only problem we saw was some minor banding in color gradients. We also really liked the photo prints: good detail, great color handling (a tad dark, perhaps), and nice flesh tones.

Scan quality is often the downfall of all-in-one printers, but not so for the Pixma MP530. The color scan showed excellent detail and smooth gradients. The colors were a bit on the light side, but nothing egregiously bad. The grayscale scan also displayed nice detail and a good handling of patterns. The Canon Pixma MP530 is an all-around impressive performer.

CNET Labs' multifunction printer quality
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
Color scan
Grayscale scan
Graphics on inkjet paper
Text on inkjet paper
Canon Pixma MP530
Brother MFC-5840cn
HP OfficeJet 5610

Service and support of Canon Pixma MP530

Canon provides a one-year limited warranty for the Pixma MP530, as well as a year of free, toll-free phone support Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. You can extend the warranty to three years for $95. You can also get tech support via e-mail, and Canon says it will respond within 24 hours. Canon's site has FAQs, a troubleshooting tool, downloadable drivers and software, and PDFs of product and software manuals.