Make a Gmail

Written by Herianto
Administrator of NEWS
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Gmail ImagesOne from many of Google product is Gmail which refers to Google Mail. This is an e-mail services. Most of Internet users must be know e-mail. But, according to my experience, Indonesian peoples doesn't know that well. Also some of them haven't an e-mail yet. So, here the steps.

1. Go to Google then click on MAIL on the top or you just go directly Gmail. Then click SIGN UP or you can go directly to LINK.

2. Fill all eleven forms. Then click I accept. Create my account. *Tips : Click on check for availability! at the third form for make sure that your user name isn't used yet.

3. Click I'm ready - show me my account on the top right. Then verify your e-mail at your other e-mail which you write on the ninth form.

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