Create a Blog at Blogger

Written by Herianto
Administrator of NEWS
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Blogger Logo ImagesThis Blog services is one from many Google product. Before you create a blog, you must be have an e-mail. You may read my articles : Make a Gmail and Make a Yahoo!Mail. If you already have e-mail, just follow this steps.

1. Go to Blogger then click on Create Your Blog Now or you can go directly here.

2. Then you must have Google account, make Google account there or if you already have Google account such as Gmail, you just click on sign in there, then write your user name and password, click sign in.

3. Follow the three steps. And thats it, your blog has been created. *Tips : at the second step click on check availability to make sure that your URL isn't in used yet.

4. If you want to start posting for now one, click Start Posting. Or later you can click on Home.

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