Yohanes Aerani Sofian, Work At River Looking For Sand And Stone

Written by Herianto
Administrator of NEWS
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Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetFull Name : Yohanes Aerani Sofian
Nickname : Sophy
Place, Date of Birth : Gombong-Kebumen, September 24th, 1984
Country : Indonesia

In 2002, Sophy decided to work as sand and stone seeker. Usually he helped by his friend Roso, he also rent an ox-cart for carrying sand and stone. He get approximately 40.000 Rupiah or 4 USD (today value) a day. Everyday he came down to the river on 07.30 am until 12.00 am then take a break for an hour in his home, he came back to the river on 01.00 pm until 04.30 pm.

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There is no holyday for him because nothing else job yet for him. I think Sophy is quite funny, I say that because I always laugh everytime I meet him. He, my other friend Rizky, and I usually playing card everynight at Rizky's house. Together we meet but there is different ways of us in "suviving".

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